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Exclusive: Dell Deierling's Last Article as Director

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Nothing has brought me more joy...

I love it when people ask me what I do, when inquiring about my line of work. I am so proud to tell them that I am the director of the Marysville Community Food Bank. I delight in talking about the work we do here and the services we provide.

I never felt this level of pride in previous jobs. Nothing has brought more joy to my working life than my time here as director. It has been a real honor to serve this community.

I recall the first day I volunteered at the Food Bank as a 'spy' to see if this would be the right place for me as I charted my new career. It was a distribution day. Almost immediately I felt that this had to be the heartbeat of Marysville, the center. I was sold and wanted to be part of it.

During my time here I have always felt that I was simply the guy who had the wonderful job of being in the hub of a wheel connecting the dots — connecting those who need a helping hand with those wanting to help, connecting available resources with those in need of the resources. Just a coordinator for all the amazing people involved in the circle of support.

I am extremely proud of the many people who make it all happen here. We have a strong board of directors with great leadership. We have dedicated, hardworking and compassionate volunteers. We have an incredible staff with Amy Howell and Michelle Eno. We have a community full of dedicated supporters who recognize the importance of what we do.

Given all the positives about my job, it has been quite a journey coming to a decision regarding my future. But, after 11-plus years as director, I've decided it is time for me to swap my Food Bank hat for other hats starting December 22. I look forward to spending more time with my family, pursuing hobbies, and serving my community in other ways. I'm excited about that for me and I'm excited about that for the Food Bank. The board, staff and I have an exciting roadmap and long list of opportunities for the next director to take on. Fresh energy, fresh ideas and a wide-open future await the Marysville Community Food Bank. The board will begin a search for my replacement soon.

I will miss you all. I will miss those we serve. And I will carry with me and treasure the many fond memories and valuable lessons that you have given me. Thank you. Since I will not be falling off the end of the earth, I will simply say, "See you later!"

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