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Giving Gardens

Plant a row for the hungry.

The Marysville Community Food Bank needs your fresh garden produce and tree fruit. When planning your garden, please plant a little extra to share with the hungry.

Donations from the community really make a difference. In 2020 the community supplied the Food Bank with over 25,000 pounds of fresh garden produce! Thank you all!

Giving Gardens is sponsored by the Sunnyside Nursery, City of Marysville, and Washington State University Master Gardeners.

When you have zucchini coming out of your ears, the Food Bank is the perfect place to bring your harvest. We accept all garden produce and especially need carrots, radishes, turnips, beets, squash, cabbage, beans, peas, and tomatoes. Join the WSU Master Gardeners, Marysville-Pilchuck High School students, Sunnyside Nursery, and many individuals by growing food for the Food Bank. Our clients love receiving fresh produce!

If you are interested in gleaning (i.e. picking produce that others grow for the Food Bank), please give us a call. At times we do hear from folks who are unable to harvest the foods that they have available.

Giving Gardens is sponsored by Sunnyside Nursery – If you donate 100 pounds of home grown produce Sunnyside Nursery will give you a $25.00 gift certificate to use in 2022.

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