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How to get the food you need

First things, first.

You don't have to be "poor" to use a food bank. You are welcome here — whether you're a regular client or just need to visit us once. We exist to give a hand up to anyone who is truly in need of our services. The few requirements to get food from the Marysville Community Food Bank are:

  1. You have a need for food based on your own judgment.

  2. You reside in zip codes 98270, 98271 or 98259.


New walk-in grocery store experience

We have moved away from the drive-up model and offering an indoor grocery shopping experience 🥳

We want you to be able to choose what is best and most nutritious to you and your family based on what we have available.


Arrive at the Food Bank

Follow parking instructions and wait for a volunteer to approach your vehicle to sign you in.


Wait for your

Please wait in your car until volunteer staff in front of the building welcome you inside (we want to avoid a line outside of the Food Bank).


Enter to shop for yourself

When entering, you'll be greeted and receive a shopping cart. Please limit shopping to 10 minutes.

The 4-step process:

Distribution hours:

Mondays at 9:00am - 11am (for 62+ and disabled clients only), 

Tuesdays at 3:00pm - 6:00pm, and Fridays at 9:00am - 11:00am.


If you have any other questions, contact us using the information at the bottom of the page.

How do I know if I qualify for food?

The only qualification for food is that you have a need for food based on your own judgment and that you reside in the zip codes 98270, 98271 or 98259. 

If you have an immediate need and your local food bank (check here) is not available to serve you, we are here to help!

I don't have a car. Can I still get food?

Yes, but your options are currently limited. Community Transit bus routes 201, 202 & 222 stop near the intersection of State Ave & 88th St NE. It is a short walk to the food bank from the bus stop. Our shuttle service providing transportation home with groceries will return in the future.


If you are currently experiencing a food emergency and you do not have transportation, please contact the Food Bank.

Why is this service ZIP code specific?

There are 19 Snohomish County Food Bank Coalition food banks that all work with their local communities to serve their residents.


Please utilize the food bank in your area that is there to serve you.

How often can I come to get food?

Clients may visit the Food Bank once a week for complete service. Check out other free meal opportunities every week Sunday - Friday on our resources page, here.

Does the Food Bank provide other items?

The Food Bank often has dog and cat food available. And, we often have baby and adult diapers as well as personal hygiene items. Please ask a volunteer if you have a need.

Where do I sign up to get food?

Are gluten or dairy-free options available?

Special dietary foods are often available. Ask a volunteer if foods meeting your need is available.

Can I pick up food for another family?

Yes. If you have permission to pickup food for another family, please bring their Food Bank card for scanning. Please have the family in need contact the Food Bank if this doesn't work for them.

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